About the relationship journal!

This journal is made with lots of love and tons of creativity for you and your lover! It's time to dim the lights, light the candles, put on our cozy background playlist and start writing, reading, talking, laughing, cuddling, smiling AND SO MUCH MORE! In this journal you're going to find a lot of questions to ask each other, topics to dream about, fun quizzes, date ideas, your own lists you can make, a travel topic and so much more! This little journal you can take everywhere you go and collect memories to share with each other forever!

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My boyfriend and I loved this journal! We used it everywhere, in the car on a long drive, in the airplane, on the couch at home with some candles on. We will keep using it for many more years to collect and create the greatest memories.

Ilona Baars

The book shows the passion and unconditional love of the relationship of the writer. The book is a quick read and is able to romanticize every instence with your beloved.

Jeroen Van De Poll

KWe just started dating and the question chapter really helped us getting to know eacht other better. We have already been on the most amazing dates because of this journal!


Surprise your lover with the relationship joural!

Do you want to surprise your lover with an origional present? The relationship journal is the perfect gift to give to your loved one. This book is perfect for every couple whether you're newly dating, long-term partners, or celebrating decades of marriage, our book is made to fit in every love story. By buying the relationship journal you're investing in your relationship, you're not just buying a book! It's priceless isn't it? Bringing more laughter, happiness en love to your relationship.